Getting Dry Skin in SLC, UT

We had a free day in SLC before we had to drive three hours to Eden, UT, so we decided to check out the hype behind the great Salt Lake. I don’t know if there is any hype to it, but what I do know is that I had never been to a lake that is so salty, absolutely nothing can survive there. (Not even music venues.) So, we drove to Saltair, Utah, to a really spooky music venue shaped like the Taj Mahal. Called the Saltair Pavilion, this site was erected in 1893, as the West’s response to Coney Island. And, like most businesses in Salt Lake, the Mormon church had a hand in the site, so that residents of the city could have a safe, wholesome experience under the supervision of church leaders.

It burned down in 1923.

Mormons rebuilt it a few years later, in hopes to have the same success as the first, but due to time’s-a-changin’, it never gained headway.

Saltair II burned down in 1935, rehabilitated a few years later, but the pattern continued. People called it quits for real after a 1970 arson fire that completely destroyed its infamous wooden floors.

Saltair III was erected in 1981.


Helen standing in Salt Lake.

Now it’s a music venue where head-thrashing, pot-smoking, sleazy-making happens. Some headliners include Marilyn Manson, George Clinton, and Ke$ha.



The shallow waters of Salt Lake that extend a mile out.



The salt tower is the size of the Empire State Building, the Rocky Mountains dwarf its height.

Ciertamente con amor y paz,