The Truth booth at Carhenge

One of the most unique stops for the Truth Booth was in Alliance, Nebraska at a location cleverly named Carhenge. Carhenge is one of the top roadside attractions in the US and is a replica of Stonehenge completely comprised completely of cars. It was built in 1987 by artist Jim Reinders who after spending time in England, studied the design of Stonehenge and wanted to bring a version of it to his hometown in Alliance, Nebraska. Our time at Carhenge was amazing. Not only were we in awe of the car sculpture, but of the beautiful prairie landscape which surrounded it, full of fields of sunflowers. In a random turn of events, the governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts stopped by the site as we were breaking down the Truth Booth.



Photo of Carhenge



Tear from a comic book that features Carhenge





Sun Flowers in Carhenge



Nebraska Governor Jim Ricketts and the Truth Booth Crew


Pictures courtesy of Emann Odufu