The Y Not Lot in Baltimore

This is my favorite picture from our time in Baltimore. I had a great time in this city and actually got to know the individual in the picture quite well on the day we spent at Y Not Lot.Baltimore is a city that like many cities in America has many complex issues that it still needs to addressed. It is a city that is trying to reshape its image, but is also trying to retain the aspects of its culture that make it Baltimore. Y Not lot is a community space stuck in the middle of what is about to become the arts district of Baltimore. It is a space that is used to engage the whole community with culturally enriching activities, performances, art, etc. The idea of art for everyone is something that I heard quite a bit while I was there and I couldn’t help but think how cool it was that we were engaging with every facet of the community through the Truth Booth, administrators from the cities institutions, the local homeless population, and everyday Baltimoreans who were looking to express themselves.