Empowering in Norfolk, VA


Feeling compelled to participate in Norfolk’s emerging art scene as much as it enthusiastically donated truths, I contributed to a growing, interactive art wall by leaving it with a truth of my own. Empowerment. The truth is everyone needs to feel empowered, as the human condition frequently leaves us with moments of uncertainty. With the passing of this tour, the meeting of new people, the introductions to my country, and the quest for truth, I am led back to the idea that my interaction with the world depends on my empowerment.

I am less motivated to positively participate without empowerment, either from within myself or grasped from other sources and fountains of inspiration. Eventually, I would like to rely on myself mostly for my own empowerment; but, I also realize that as I grow, much of my empowerment comes from people: my family, closest friends, creatives, and sometimes, complete strangers. So, it is my hope that those upon passing this tag on a public wall in Norfolk, Virginia, people will feel in some way a sense of empowerment. And like the truth, they can interpret it in their own way.


Painting the Venus symbol above someone else’s work on a public art wall.



Ciertamente con amor y paz,