Sleepover in a Gallery? Check.

Woke up today in a Transformer-turned-art-gallery. Cement floors, echoes of the wind against the uninsulated walls, and beautifully composed multimedia paintings bid me good morning.

We find ourselves sheltered from thunderstorms and RNC protesters by the good graciousness of art-entrepreneurs, Fred and Laura Bidwell.

After a miscommunication with the hostel up the street (they only reserved us one bed in one room for a reservation with five people’s names on it…), the Bidwells offered up their loft in their gallery space in Ohio City. There weren’t any beds, but we could sleep there and use the shower. We were eternally grateful, and happily took an Uber to Walmart in search of air mattresses.

It turned out to be a lovely set up, the five of us on the floor in their loft, a stone’s throw away from where we were set up, with the ability to store our installation close by without having to walk a half-mile to our trailer.

I am very excited to be here in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, and I do hope I get to meet a Trump supporter.

Ciertamente con amor y paz,