Rachet in Raleigh

After Charlotte left us with barely any truth, by the second day in Raleigh, North Carolina left me with the worst taste in my mouth. For the two days in Raleigh, we were set up on the lawn east of the North Carolina Art Museum. We had many participants during our time because of the positioning of the Booth as it faced the entrance to the main building.

But one visitor to the Booth stands out to me. I told her that it was up to interpretation, that it could change with anyone who walks into the Booth.  She berated me with lectures about how that wouldn’t hold water in court, how I was missing the point of life and the one truth: Jesus. At this point my presence had angered her so much that she was practically yelling how I needn’t search any more, for the truth lies in the word of god.

I had to just walk away before I really let her know what I thought of her. I was so hurt that someone could make assumptions about me without taking the opportunity to listen. It seems as though people have an easy time telling me what they think about how I should live without even discussing my point of view. And she of all people! We didn’t even know each other’s names! I couldn’t wait to leave North Carolina.

A day had passed, we got an email. It was from that woman!  Helen beamed with optimism and hope that it would make me feel better.  It did, but it still didn’t erase the experience. Yet, I forgive her. She made a mistake. We all do. And I learned to never treat anyone like that ever, since I know what it feels like.


Sometimes the truth is in the dark. Here is the Booth before the storm in Raleigh.


Ciertamente con amor y paz,