Louisville Hustles Weirdest

Coming from a sleepy town under development in West Virginia, we find ourselves yet another developing neighborhood, but one in the loudest parts – the town formerly known as Portland: Louisville, Kentucky.

The place is called Tim Faulkner Gallery, but it might as well be slated as the best biker bar and concert venue ever. It used to be an old warehouse in the ‘50s, but there is nothing hipster about it. The graffiti’d walls are highlighted in neon lights, the bar is fully stocked, and the art is as fresh as it is local. Tim Faulkner bridges all gaps between punk and contemporary art, and I am so grateful he’s doing it.

They seem excited to have us here, and Daniel the bartender/Tunesmiths’ frontman concocted a “truth serum” in solidarity. But the truth is, I had way too much bourbon last night playing Crystal Castles in the arcade.


In the bathroom of the Tim Faulkner Gallery.

Ciertamente con amor y paz,